About StackUp Digital

StackUp Digital are a digital agency based in the UK, specialising in the area of eCommerce. Communicating and delivering expertise in eCommerce and web experiences is where we perform best and get proven results.

StackUp Digital was born after combining two close web development agencies from the North East during the COVID-19 period. Back in June 2020, Glen Wheeler (founder of PrimitiveSense) and Jamie Bradley (founder of Endeavour Digital) were both on the hunt to expand their individual agencies and started to discuss the possibility of merging their companies together.

It was in 2017 that Glen and Jamie came together to work on their very first project together and since then have always been in close communication with each other running their individual agencies in the North East. The first project they worked on was a large scale marketing campaign for Gillette (Procter & Gamble), building out marketing pages for an international campaign, which they managed to get delivered on time and on budget, a 5* team from the word go!

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Where were both agencies before StackUp Digital?

Over the last 12 years Glen & PrimitiveSense have built up a successful e-commerce business, designing and building websites and crafting solutions that allow businesses to grow online. Glen, the owner of PrimitiveSense has gained experience by travelling the world working for international clients and gaining an understanding in how people work in different cultures and environments. Not only has Glen gained experience in web design and development, but also in business operations, giving Glen the upper hand and advantage compared to most agency owners.

Endeavour Digital were a digital agency who focused on the creation of websites and bespoke applications with cutting edge web based technologies. Their bespoke websites were often built with a new popular architecture, called Jamstack, which was used to develop fast, secure and scalable websites This new paradigm of powering websites with a serverless architecture is growing fast, so this set of expertise is a very strong asset to offer to StackUp Digital. This means that merging the two companies together gives us a whole new direction to our business.

Both agencies thrive off of innovation and emerging technologies, gaining proven results for faster and higher performing websites for all of our clients. Fortunately, the two companies had remained stable throughout COVID-19 but found it difficult when looking for new team members. Due to both agencies having the same goals, Glen and Jamie decided it would be the perfect solution to merge. Bringing two sets of various expertise together, StackUp digital is now a bigger and more diverse agency; offering different and more focused opportunities to clients.

Our position now, as StackUp Digital

Bringing both agencies together means we can now offer a wider, more specialised range of e-commerce and content managed solutions. Our main aim is to develop high converting, high availability websites that operate at high performance speeds. Using cutting edge web technologies and frameworks such as React, Gatsby, NextJS; headless content solutions such as Sanity; and headless e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Shopify Plus and WooCommerce, we have the ability to develop some of the best websites that are hopefully going to be award winning globally.

We aspire to be one of the go-to agencies in the North East when it comes to e-commerce and content managed solutions, so let's get started! You can chat to us right here.

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