Accessibility Audit

Websites should be accessible for everyone, over 70% of websites reviewed in 2020 were known to have a serious lack of accessibility in place. It is known that 90% of users with a disability click away from a website without reporting accessability issues, dont be one of those websites. Allow us to help improve your website accessability by contacting us today..

1. Initial Meeting

Over the last year we have worked wirth Universities, Councils and online stores to help improve the website accessibility situation. Like any project, large or small we should always kick off with a chat. Just getting to know each other and understanding the history of the website and trhe audience who use it is a huger step forward to resolving your website accessability issues.

So, let's grab a coffee and we can either travel to you or you can join us at our space on Teesside where we have all of the facilities to carry out a robust Accessability audit.

2. Running The Tests

Depending on the size of the website we'll give ourselves a set amount of time to carry out accessability tests across your website. We'll use the scenarios set out on the GOV Disabilities Resarch and Analysis website to undertake some of our tests. These profiles will help us get an indication a wide range of issues across your website.

We'll follow and be guided by WCAG Guidelines, A11y and for our amaerican clients ADA. We'll use specific tools and browser extensions to carry out our tests and will build up a documented report of everything we think we should action improve site accessability

3. The Report Handover

Once we're finished our tests we will provide you a fully documented report of our findings. The findings will be detailed and will help you understand why it is important that we resolve them right away. Depending on the nature of the website we will highlight specific legal requirements for meeting accessability criteria as these will be moved into a higher priority section of the document.

Within the document there will be a set of actions that will contain a fully structured pricing break down. This will give you an indication of time scales and costs for the accessability work to be carried out.

4. Action

The generated report essentially gives us our set of tasks and so this will be added into project management system for us to manage as individual items. We use Agile in house and so will apply a Kanban fashion board to help is move the tasks along the line until they are complete and ready for review. Mwembers of your team will be added to this board so that you can track the progress of each task. Once the changes are complete we will take you through a full review of the changes on our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) space.

Any changes that are required during the development period will be done via our deployment pipline, so that we can keep track of every change during this process of change.

5. Review

Analysis of a website change is critical, especially in the accessability space. Upon the new development work going into production we will advise on the specific tools that you can utilise to monitor and track results. These tools will be of huge benefit to marketing teams, developers and managers of the website as it will allow us to make future changes and decisions.

If required, our team will then analyse the data and information with your team to understand both the successes and the failures of the changes.

6. Rinse and Repeat

Depending on the post deployment findings we will then look to repeat the above steps. Data driven decisions are the single most important part of the evolution of a website and if we can make those websites as accessible as possible, the better for everyone visiting. Communicating and working colloboratively will allow us to solve any furthur challenges that arise.

Interested in making your website for accessible? Drop us a line directly from our contact page and we'll get right back to you with some information that will benefit your website from day one.

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