A Brief History of Shopify

So, what’s Shopify and why is it special? Shopify has grown so fast as a platform and right through its road map they have always kept the system well documented. Shopify, especially over the last 5 years has had a great following and now has an excellent user base number which in turn results in great support across their forum. As it stands on the day of writing this post Shopify currently states it has;

A photo of the Shopify Website on a Macbook Pro screen
Shopify has come a long way since 2006 and we've been there all of the way

These statistics are just what we’re being told but you can almost guarantee they are there, or thereabouts. Shopify is certainly one of the more established platforms out there on the web.

Without further ado, let’s check out the features and pricing. You can take a look right here at what Shopify offers as its pricing and feature sets. As you can see Shopify is built upon a Software of a Service Model (SaaS);

There is also a fifth option for those sites that deal with extremely high volumes, those sites that are large businesses such as Red Bull or Procter and Gamble might consider Shopify Plus. – Rates do differ with Shopify Plus however you will pay in the regions of $2000 per month for a Shopify plus account.

What are the key differences between the different Shopify Plans?

It’s good to note that Shopify offers a 10% discount on all annual plans and offers 20% on biennial plans when they are paid upfront.

What are Shopify’s core features? - There are tonnes of great Shopify features that we could mention, here are some of my favourites and ones that are worth mentioning

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