Be Our Next Web Developer 🎉

StackUp Digital is a digital agency situated in the North East of England. We specialise in the creation of e-commerce and content driven websites as well as modern headless architectures.

As a web developer you'll be working as part of our engineering team and will be responsible for the development and maintenance of a range of websites and web applications. The majority of our websites are created using the likes of Shopify, Sanity and Wordpress.

We'd love to work with someone who has experience with WordPress, don't worry if you’re not familiar with the other platforms, we will provide training to get you up and running.

Why work for StackUp Digital?

Our working environment is fun, unorthodox and very relaxed. We understand people need freedom and space to truly perform their best work. In the office, grab a coffee or any available refreshments when you need one, take a break when you need one, we trust you and will allow you to align and organise your time as you please once the morning scrum has taken place.

We understand your lifestyle and family comes first and so we allow you to best organise your time around you. All we ask is that you turn up for required meetings and scrums when they are organised to take place.

The qualities we look for in a candidate

What we're looking for as a skillset

Some extras that we're looking for

We're accepting all forms of applications, this could be by video, to show us your portfolio or credentials or simply in CV form. Whatever you have as an application please send it to and we will take a look!

We look forward to hearing from you.