StackUp Digital are a digital agency at the forefront of web technology and there is nothing more being spoken about at the moment when it comes to security and performance. Say hello to Jamstack Development and the concept of headless e-commerce.

What is Jamstack

Jamstack (Javascript, API's and Markup) is shaking up the web industry and changing the way we think about web development flow by providing a simpler approach to the development experience. In turn this provides lower costs, much better security, high performance and significant scaleability.


All dynamic functionality is provided by Javascript. Jamstack has zero restrictions on which framework or library you use, it is totally your choice from project start to project end.


An API, short for an Application Programming Interface is a set of routines, rules and tools used to build software applications that are accessed over HTTPS (Hyper text Transfer Protocol) using Javascript. As an example, this could be a third party service such as a postcode lookup service or payment service.


All websites on the internet are served using static HTML files. These can be generated from all sorts of different sources such as a static site generators like Jekyll or maybe a headless CMS like Sanity IO. HTML is essentially the foundations that a website is built upon and in simple terms think of this as foundations of a house that holds up its structure.

So what are the key benefits of using Jamstack?

  • Rapid Performance - Pre built HTML and assets all served over a content delivery network
  • Much better security - No requirement to worry about databases and the vulnerabilities they bring.
  • Cost Reduction - Hosting of static files are cheap and in a lot of cases absolutely free
  • Developer Experience - Not having to deal with monolithic architecture of your standard type of development work flow
  • Scaleability - If your website grows rapidly we can accommodate this very easily. Using a CDN seamlessly compensates for this and can scale out automatically for us when required

As you may or may not know Jamstack is fairly new, however it has existed in some fashion since 2015 with the likes of static generator websites such as Jekyll. By 2016 we discovered that websites essentially don't need to be completely static and in fact can bring them to life using Javascript and APIs, hence the name Jamstack coming to the forefront.

By 2017 performance was a huge factor it development. Having sites being super fast is priority due to the whole mobile movement and so as a web development community we needed to come together to develop methods on how we could proceed with this sort of technology. Jamstack was then announced.

2018 was a big year for tools like Gatsby, Sanity and Netlify who now sit as the main players who helped promote and grow the Jamstack community and was the first year we had a full day conference surrounding the technology / concept.

With e-commerce flourishing in 2020 we are able to take these ideas and implement amazing websites that are fast, secure and scaleable. Who wouldn't want this for their own website or project?

If you are interested in Jamstack and want to pursue the idea of using Jamstack on your next project, then please get in touch with us for further information by visiting our contact page or giving us a call on +44 (0) 1642 262777.

As Jamstack developers based in the UK we want to continue to build a fantastic community with our experience and skillset and we can only do that by researching and using the technology as much as we can on side projects and client projects. We're really excited to speak to you.

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