The Process

Our process is extremely specific which expresses depth and experience. Our process has been built, modified and stripped back over the last 15 years but Why? Because experience in working with clients is everything to us. We have pivoted our process many times to perfect and improve and we believe right now its like no other. It all starts with a coffee, give us a call and book in a meeting with us.

1. Analysis

It is important that every request or project we take on is well researched and analysed. It doesn't matter if the project is brand new or existing, it will require analysis and the best way to do this is to first buy you a brew and we get stuck in! Even the "simple tasks" can have major impact so the best idea is to speak about this in person.

An initial face to face discussion is always most valuable, as we can get to know each others personalities, get to know the projects history and future and can advise and consult on the best options using our expertise and experience. Let's get around the campfire and get the boulder rolling. Call us on +44 (0) 1642 262777.


It's very common that when clients approach us for website design and development that they lack not just ideas but how they approach it from a strategic point of view, this is the case for both pre and post launch. This might be for reasons such as they have outstanding experience in retail however lack experience in digital and eCommerce. Getting all stakeholders and team members together to make contributions at this point will most certainly define a high end strategy and is a must for every single task or project.

Working together and helping each other every step of the way will always overcome difficult challenges, as a team we get really excited at the strategic part of the process as we can identify and eliminate the losses and gain big wins.

3. Implementation

With a fantastic team of senior designers and developers, implementation is made easy. As long as the hard work is done up front with Analysis and Strategy, implementation should be a walk in the park. Because all members of the StackUp Digital team are senior, it's likely we have been faced with your challenges in previous scenarios already.

All team members at StackUp Digital are given every single tool that is required to do their job as efficiently and effectively as possible. All members of staff are equipped with Apple Macbook pro's that are used to work in house and remotely if staff are working remotely or are travelling. When in the office they have the option to plug directly into Apple 27" displays and have all software they need to carry out their job. As a bonus all members of staff are given great budgets to purchase their own audio technology that allows them to concentrate and communicate as efficiently as possible.

4. Review

After the fireworks & celebrations of going live it's time to review the results. How are user's interacting with the website? Are people seeing the correct content? Are they able to get to the products fast enough and are able checkout in a variety of ways? How are we logging technical issues and from a customer service point of view are we doing the best we can?

There is always room for improvement, especially at the eCommerce level. Increasing sales, limiting technical issues and out performing the previous month is so important. As a team we can implement so many tools to show us factual information that will allow us to make changes, create A/B tests and provide important information to our clients on a monthly basis.

5. Action

From the results of the reviews and evaluation it's time to action. Making design changes such as adding new navigation, moving buttons and adding additional tracking could all be parts of an action plan to improve your web app or website. Action will be required for the longevity of your website and should be under taken on a regular basis by the team.

StackUp Digital offer many post launch options to manage this process for you which has proven to be very successful for all of our current clients. Since launching websites for clients such as The UNSEEN, Emma J Shipley and Bybi we have shown how valuable our experience is on identifying, planning and actioning changes across website projects.

6. Rinse and Repeat

Whether your website is small, medium or large you will always need to take action on the previous 5 steps. Your website is there to either generate more traffic, create leads and to essentially make money or simply be a way if life for you. Being proactive and reviewing your website on a regular basis to improve both lead generation and sales is critical, we advise on how to make changes and keep your website current.

A website project or presence can never be complete, you will always be able to do something more to drive interest and sales. If we work with you on a monthly basis we take away the weight and worry for you in getting things done at a fast and efficient pace. The rinse and repeat process is business critical to your website or store's growth and we're always here post project to support you.

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