Performance Audit

Site speed plays a huge part in your online presence. It can affect various areas of your site those of which include conversion rate, bounce rate, SEO ranking and time on site. Right now in 2021 There Are 2.14 Billion Online Shoppers Worldwide and depending on the scale of your website 0.5 seconds can make the difference between somone purchasing your product or service or leaving the site. So, how can we help you with your website performance? Chat With Us.

1. Initial Meeting

Like any project it is always good to have an initial discussion surrounding the challenges that you are having with your website performance. It is always best to get an idea of the history of the company and website, it's evolution and the tech stack it is built upon.

Once we understand the above we can then progress to the next stage where by we carry out a full audit of your website using specific tools and experience which we have developed both in house and by making use of industry standard frameworks and tools.

2. Data, Information and Error Audit

With the initial meeting out of the way we can now proceed with the actual performance audit itself, to understand the issues surrounding your website speed. We'll dive into the website code and use specific tools to indentify the key areas of site speed issues.

All of the tools that we use to carry out our tests are industry leading and reliable. One of those being Google Lighthouse, an open source, automated tool for improving the quality and performance of websites. To ensure our tests are accurate we also use simular systems such as web page speed test to measure results against each other.

3. Presenting the Issues

During the audit notes and results are taken and a formal document is produced. This will come in the form of a branded slide deck and PDF document which will outline all of the issues that we have discovered during the audit. The document will detail all problems found as well as a solution.

Along with the results and solutions we will also produce a quote and cost estimate within the document. At the end of the document we will then produce a sign off which will give you the oppurtunity for the work to be carried out by ourselves.

4. Action

By generating and presenting the report, we essentially develop our own action checklist. A prroject manage rwill be assigned to this development work and you will be invited into your own Trello Board. StackUp Digital use agile agile methodology and so we use Trello to create our lists and tasks in a Kanban style.

Once we have completed the action list we will use our development pipeline to create a User Acceptance Testing environmnt (UAT). This will allow you as the client/customer to evaluate the work to either approve it or question it. Any feedback will be tracked via Trello.

5. Review

Analysis of a website change is critical, especially in the performance space. Upon the new development work going live we will advise on specific tools to utilise to monitor and track results. These tools will be of huge benefit to marketing teams, developers and managers of the website as it will allow us to make future changes and decisions.

If required, our team will then analyse the data and information with your team to understand both the successes and the failures of the changes.

6. Rinse and Repeat

Depending on the post deployment findings we will then look to repeat the above steps. Data driven design and development decisions are the single most important part of the evolution of a website. We'll take this information and look to develop and engineer a solution to thee challneges that we have in hand. Communicating and working colloboratively will allow us to solve these challenges.

Interested in making your website faster? Do drop us a line directly from our contact page and we'll get right back to you with some information that will benefit your website from day one.

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