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Shopify is your quickest start to market, the right option for any startup who want to start selling today!

Shopify is an eCommerce platform, that comes as a fully hosted solution, meaning you don't need to worry about server infrastructre, security and downtime. Shopify can help businesses develop and manage an online store quickly and easily. Shopify provides tools in all areas of eCommerce including website design, order management, payment processing and shipping.

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So, why use Shopify?

There are many different reasons why Shopify may be a suitable platform to develop an eCommerce store, however, that does not necessarily mean that it is the right platform for you or, your business. So, we thought it would be good to look at Shopify’s pros and cons to help you make an informed decision about whether Shopify would be suitable for you.

We will start with the pros

  1. Ease of use - Shopify has a ‘user-friendly’ interface which means that it is easy for people to set up, even those with little technical experience.
  2. Customisation - Shopify has a range of options available including themes, apps and custom codes, helping businesses to set up a professional-looking platform suitable for their business needs.
  3. Payments - Shopify offers secure payment processing through over 100 different payment gateways. This helps to ensure that businesses receive secure payments from customers.
  4. Marketing and SEO - With its built-in SEO features Shopify has a range of marketing tools which help to promote stores and increase sales!
  5. Security and Hosting - Shopify provides reliable hosting and security features meaning businesses don’t have to worry about managing the technical aspect of their online stores.
  6. Customer Support - Shopify are available for support 24/7

Now, as we have said although Shopify does have lots of great features, here are some of the cons associated with the platform:

  1. Transaction fees - If businesses choose to use certain payment gateways, there may be additional charges applicable on top of the Shopify monthly fee.

  2. Limited control with code - Although there are customisation options available it does not allow for ‘full control’ over the platform’s code which means that more advanced customisation can be limited.

  3. **Higher cost for advanced features- While the basic Shopify package has a range of features, some advanced features may require users to purchase additional apps or add ons which can increase the overall cost of the platform.

  4. Theme Limitations - Some themes are not as flexible as others and there may be limitations with customisation.

  5. App Cost/ limitations - While Shopify has a large app store, some apps have certain restrictions and a cost associated with them.

  6. Dependence on Shopify - When using Shopify you become dependent on the platform meaning it can be difficult to move stores to different platforms.

A platform that has almost everything our perfect client needs

Previous to StackUp Digital Director Glen Wheeler had always been a huge fan of the platform. As a front-end developer Shopify enabled him to take the Shopify platform and develop it to the exact requirements the client required. Shopify has almost everything out of the box that you would need, if you were starting a new eCommerce business. Since 2016, Shopify has gone from strength to strength bringing a host of new features and capabilities

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Growing Strength In Design and Development

StackUp Digital have used Shopify as an eCommerce platform for a range of our different clients because it provides a complete solution for creating a manageable platform for businesses of all sizes who are looking to grow their online presence. We can customise the platform to meet their needs, and integrate a range of third parties systems from email marketing platforms to custom warehouse integrations making it easier for them to manage their business with more automation.

In addition to this Shopify comes packed with a set of powerful, world leading API’s that enables us to communicate between different software systems which in turn this allows us to be different. We push the boundaries of what you thought might be impossible when it comes to the Shopify platform. Our team

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From high street to high performance conversion with Shopify.
We have worked with StackUp Digital for the last 18 months and have been so impressed with their work ethic, knowledge and experience when it comes to Headless Architecture and Shopify.
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