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In depth Performance Audits for Websites

Remove the page weight and make all of the gains for a higher performing website

Website performance refers to the speed and responsiveness of a website and how well it loads and functions for users. It includes a variety of different factors such as; page load time, server load and response times and the overall stability and reliability of the website. Website performance is really important, a mere 0.3-second reduction in latency across their funnel brought the Trainline an extra £8 million in annual revenue!

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Having a high-performing website means that customers have a better experience which ultimately will enhance engagement and help to establish and maintain customer loyalty. Poor website performance results in slower page loading times and a higher bounce rate resulting in a negative impact on the overall success of your website or online store.

Milliseconds can mean millions in revenue

A slow-loading website can lead to frustrated users who are likely to abandon the site, resulting in lost opportunities for engagement and sales. On the other hand, a fast and responsive website can provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and drive more traffic and conversions. As a result, optimizing website performance should be a top priority for businesses that want to remain competitive and succeed in the online arena. StackUp Digital have some great examples where removing miliseconds from a checkout journey can lead to hundreads of thousands in additional revenue for your business.

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What are the benefits of an performance audit?

  1. Improved User Experience - A website audit helps to identify any technical or design issues that may be affecting user experience, allowing them to be fixed, leading to a more enjoyable user experience.

  2. Increased Website Performance - The audit provides actionable recommendations for improving website speed, security, and other technical aspects, resulting in a faster, more secure website.

  3. Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The audit provides insights into how a website is performing in search engines, identifying areas for improvement in terms of search engine rankings and visibility.

  4. Better Conversion Rates - A website audit can identify areas where the website may be losing potential customers, allowing for optimizations that can lead to increased conversion rates.

  5. Cost Savings - Fixing issues identified in a website audit can prevent more significant problems from arising in the future, saving time and resources.

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Gain website performance using a Headless Architecture.

Performance and a Headless Future

One of the best ways to gain a performance boost is to take your website Headless. This is a unique, specialist service (Headless Service) that we offer and in return will give you the cutting edge over your competitors.

Headless is a architecture pattern that separates the frontend (the user interface) and the backend (the content management system or database) of a website. In a traditional, monolithic setup, the frontend and backend are tightly integrated, making it difficult to make changes to one without affecting the other. With a headless setup, the frontend and backend are decoupled, allowing for greater flexibility, scalability, and performance.

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