10 of the best Shopify apps to add features to your store

As Shopify Developers based in the North East UK we know and understand the challenges of functionality integration when specific budgets are in place. This post covers a bunch of apps that come up on a regular basis when it comes to client functionality requirements.


Infinite Options

You are able to use this app to as many product options as you like. This immediately is useful as Shopify has a 3-option limit, so using this app you are able to explore the use of more! This allows shoppers to select the product option of the items they purchase, whilst the app also allows them to create personalised products. Whilst having those features, it also comes with a bundle feature, making it easy for you to add to your site. Not only do people like deals, it will increase your traffic as well as your sales; why wouldn’t you try it?

Order Printer Templates

Want to create custom templates without using any code? This app is the one for you. Printed templates for invoices, packing slip, receipts are even better when they are on brand and professional. This app is fast and easy to use and comes with no subscription fees. You simply choose your template, customise it ,then buy them individually. Every time you create one’ once it is bought, you can use it all the time to print.



This app tracks your customers lifetime value and behaviour on your site. After collecting this data, it tells you when it is the best time to push follow up emails. This is dependent on when KISS-metrics calculates timings for repeat orders and targets your customers. It saves a lot of your own time and money and works well using alongside analytics tools. Doing this prevents a waste of money sending emails at the wrong time or following up on customers too early, or late.


This is a great app that analyses your data for you and presents it easily and clearly. Due to this, you can quickly make decisions without spending that time creating your own reports and dashboards. Vantage offers A/B testing, automatic ad optimisation as well as reaching new audiences. It can target and send the right types of customers to your store as well as work on recovering abandoned carts with re-engagement.

Customer Service

Returns Manager

With this app, merchants are allowed to create and manage returns easily and professionally. It is easy and helpful for customers and saves you time handling returns a more complex way such as making a ton of emails. Customer service is important if you want to maintain happy consumers and encourage sales. You have full control! In the back end, you and your team can set deadlines/rules, see analytics and take on requests you want to. It is much easier to personalise and manage with this apps approach with its return’s ‘portal’.



As we know, the money side to a business can be complicated, taking up a lot of time. This app integrates Shopify with the accounting tools- Xero and QuickBooks online to produce your financial reports. It is a very high rated app and used widely as a big-time saver as well as accuracy tester with your numbers. Its payment works monthly to use the app and the cost rises due to the orders you process.

A photo showing the Shopify App Store



The clue is in the name, loyalty. There is nothing more rewarding to a customer than deals or loyalty schemes, so this app can help you create and control them for your Shopify store. Its ultimate goal is to increase your revenue and traffic as it will drive repeated customers back to your site. They also offer a free plan as well as advanced types of loyalty cards you can choose from such as VIP. These schemes don’t just need to be discount, it can be chances to win products, getting free items or even winning a higher scheme.

Abandon Aid

We are all guilty of abandoning carts, let’s face it. However, being a business owner and seeing someone abandon your cart is frustrating. As much as this can be caused from lost in interest, it can also come from little time or money in which a customer is still interested but has forgotten. This is where this app can help solve this problem as much as possible and revive those customers. It is only $10 a month and works on recovering abandoned carts as fast as possible.



With a 65% increase in conversion rate after using Notso, you must already be intrigued. This personalisation app allows you to access features to continue buying more. You will be familiar with ‘you might want to try’ and how it can attract more customers into spending more money, Notso does this for you. It is free to purchase and only charges once you start to gain results, you can create your whole customer journey and it uses artificial intelligence to analyse all interactions.

Cross Sell

This third-party app allows you to pick related items and display them on any part of your page to attract customers into buying more. Whether they are places on product pages, pop-ups or in the cart section for last minute add on purchases, Cross sell allows this all to happen.

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