Is Shopify the right e-commerce platform for you?

If you're thinking about using or moving to Shopify then look no further. We have helped hundreds of people with their Shopify websites which includes full build out from the ground up, to plugin development, API development and general maintenance. We have been working with the Shopify system since the dawn of time back in 2004 and have seen the platform grow so well and so fast. Because of this we carry every bit of experience with the platform from code to content and product management.

So, what’s special and why should you use Shopify?

Shopify has grown so fast as a platform and right though its road map they have always kept the system well documented. Shopify, especially over the last 5 years has had a great following and now has an excellent user base number which in turn results in great support across their forum. As it stands on the day of writing this post Shopify currently states it has;

  • 600,000+ stores being used on its platform
  • Over 1,000,000 active users
  • Generates over £60+ billion in sales

These statistics are obviously just what we’re being told but you can almost guarantee they are there, or there abouts. Shopify is certainly one of the more established platforms out there on the web.

Without further a do, let’s checkout the features and pricing. You can take a look right here at what Shopify offers as its pricing and feature sets.

As you can see Shopify is build upon a Software of a Service Model (SaaS);

  • Shopify Lite – $9 Per Month
  • Basic Shopify – $29 per Month
  • Shopify – $79 per Month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299 per Month

We then have a fifth option for those sites that deal with extremely high volumes, those site of who are large businesses such as Red Bull or Procter and Gamble might consider [Shopify Plus]( – Rates do differ with Shopify Plus however you will pay in the regions of $2000 per month for a Shopify plus account.

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What are the key differences between the different Shopify Plans?

  • Reporting – Detailed reporting is only available on the $79 ‘Shopify’ plan. You do get reporting in basic but it does not go into too much detail.
  • Staff Accounts – Starting with the ‘Basic Shopify’ plan you get two staff accounts, when moving to the ‘Shopify’ plan you’ll be given 5 staff accounts and then finally moving up to the ‘Advanced’ plan you’ll be given 15 staff accounts.
  • Advanced Report Builder – This tool allows you to create custom reporting, this feature in only available on the higher plans ‘Advanced and ‘Shopify Plus’
  • Gift Cards – The gift cards are only available on the ‘Shopify’ plan and up starting at $79 per month
  • Point of Sale – POS will not be available to you unless you are on a higher Shopify plan. Those higher plans are ‘Advanced’ and ‘Plus’
  • Real time carrier shipping – Need real time carrier shipping to make sure all deliveries are on point. It’ll cost you the price of an ‘Advanced’ plan

It’s good to note that Shopify offers a 10% discount on all annual plans and further offers 20% on biennial plans when they are paid up front.

What are the Shopify core features?

There are tonnes of great Shopify features that we could mention, here are some of my favourites and ones that are worth mentioning

  • Ability to sell Digital and Physical Products
  • Simple Content and Product Management
  • Built in Abandoned Cart Functionality
  • Export and Import Customer Data
  • Shopify payments comes with its own payment gateway setup that offers Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay out of the box!
  • The ability to print labels for product shipping
  • Built in discount code option
  • Built in blog
  • Can’t build websites? Shopify offers free themes!
  • Open API to build great apps!
  • Free SSL and Advanced Security

As you have read above, Shopify provides us with some great features. As developers of Shopify we can customise and build your next eCommerce site in just a few weeks. Whats great about Shopify for developers is that in provides a simple to use template language called liquid which is fast and efficient to implement.

See some of our recent projects on the links below;

Interested in starting a new project with us? We are one of very little companies who work so deeply with Shopify Development in the UK. Drop us an email right here or give us a call on +44 (0) 1642 262777.

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