Introducing Charlie From The StackUp Digital Team

This week, to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with one of our apprentices, Charlie, who is studying Software Development (Level 4).

Paul: Hey Charlie, first of all, how are you doing?

Charlie: I'm great. Thanks for having me!

Paul: It's great to have you. First and foremost, what is your role here at StackUp Digital? Can you walk us through your day to day tasks and responsibilities?

Charlie: I work for StackUp Digital as an Associate Developer. I support the team by developing websites and fixing bugs. I use HTML and different CSS frameworks to do this. I also work with PHP and other templating languages, such as Liquid, to build templates for various Content Management Systems (CMS).

Charlie working on a project for StackUp Digital

Paul: Wow! It sounds like your day sounds very dynamic. Are there any exciting projects that you have worked on lately?

Charlie: I have been working with two exciting clients. First of all, Weedingtech: a company that creates a more environmentally friendly weed control solution. I helped build up new pages for them that have allowed them to showcase some of their latest projects and endeavours. More recently, I have made a product page that shows pre-owned machinery. Secondly, I have been working with a company called Smuggling Duds.

This Shopify project really tested my skills! First, I had to learn a new templating language called Liquid. Smuggling Duds sell a niche product for a niche market. They sell excellent quality men's boxer shorts. Their product has gathered much attention and accumulated many team members from different backgrounds, from world champion mountain bikers to Mixed Martial Artists.

Paul: These sound like fascinating projects, and I know they have given us great feedback from your work! I'm sure many people will be interested in learning how you got into web development with StackUp Digital.

Charlie: My interest in this space started when I studied GCSE Computer Science. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to study A-Level Computer Science in Sixth Form.

I started looking for work experience in my second year. My Computer Science teacher put me in touch with Jamie. I started to work with Jamie's previous company, Endeavour Digital, on a part-time basis.

Jamie then offered me an apprenticeship at the end of my college year. I originally planned to do a sociology and criminology course. However, throughout my placement and lockdown, I found a passion for Web Development. This led me to accept Jamie's offer, which has led me to where I am today.

Paul: Awesome! Why did you consider an apprenticeship instead of a degree?

Charlie: An apprenticeship looked like an excellent opportunity for me and very beneficial for a few reasons. It lets me get hands-on experience in a real-world working environment. I also learn up-to-date coding frameworks and languages within the workplace. Finally, I get to earn money whilst I study, which is a huge positive! You are making money and gaining work experience and education simultaneously, making it a great option.

Charlie with his headphones on working on StackUp Project

Paul: That's awesome. We're happy you came on board! How about you, tell us about your interests and hobbies.

Charlie: I have always had an interest in game development. This has aided my personal growth as a web developer because of the transferrable skills. I also play 5 a side football and go to the gym. I also enjoy hiking. You'll often see me up in the hills from time to time!

Paul: Great stuff. It's a huge positive when you're able to incorporate a hobby into your day job. It makes the work a lot more enjoyable and motivates you.

Quick fire questions

  1. Your Favourite drink? - Can't beat a cherry Coke
  2. What do you enjoy most outside of work? - I play for a 5-aside team weekly.
  3. Which celebrity or well known person inspires you most? - Alan Rickman
  4. What’s the dumbest thing you have ever done? - I hid a plastic spider in my brothers' bed. To this day, he's still not forgiven me!
  5. What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery - Buy the Nike trainers used in "Back to the Future."

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