Wordpress, a content management system that has been around since the year 2003 and boy has it come along way since then. We're lucky enough to have played a huge part in the development of the platform, not directly with their team but by playing with the system, learning and developing with it, reporting issues and raising fixes to problems and challenges.

The content management system, founded by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg has its made its way from a very small, light weight platform to what is now a full blown, extendible system that can literally fit any project. It's thought that in the year 2020 35% of the internet uses the Wordpress platform, so why not specialise in it? Not only do we specialise in Wordpress as a content management system, but we also specialise in the design and development of e-commerce stores using its WooCommerce extension, probably the most extensive, in the e-commerce platform out there right now on the internet.

The Wordpress platform is built with PHP and uses MYSQL as the Database Management system to perform and run tasks and functions as you would like it to. With full access to the codebase and database you can optimise and extend the platform as you please.

So, what are the benefits of using Wordpress and WooCommerce as a developer?

  • A flexible, personisable admin backend
  • Extremely well documented - Wordpress Codex
  • A fantastic community of designers and developers who we can speak to and collaborate with
  • There are so many local events to the North East area that we take part in, both attending and speaking at the events to share our thoughts on Wordpress and WooCommerce as developers in the North East area.
  • Huge amount of API's available to integrate third party systems, such as Car Management Systems, CRM's, Lookup Services and so on
  • Easy to develop with and super fast to build friendly, custom built websites
  • Use whatever frontend frameworks you like
  • Built in multisite function
  • Scaeable
  • Setup and deploy Wordpress websites rapidly using products such as Fly Wheel and WPEngine.
  • Plus much more...

The list is endless.

So, why choose us as your Wordpress Developers?

Glen Wheeler, Director at StackUp Digital has been developing websites since his late school days back in 2004. He has lived through the evolution of the web and there is absolutely nothing more he enjoys (maybe Formula One). The year Glen left school was the year Wordpress launched their first version of the platform which sparked great interest in such technology and so Glen started to really focus in and working with and developing on Wordpress. Glen aquired his first Agency role in 2010 as a Wordpress developer and made huge steps taking the platform forward into multiple companies not just in the UK but into European too. Being around right from the outset of the platform makes a huge difference, getting to know a platform as it has evolved over the years really does allow us to understand its history and development journey and with that gives us great experience in developing websites with Wordpress and WooCommerce.

As leading Wordpress and WooCommerce Developers in the UK, we strongly believe you we can benefit your e-commerce business. Come and have a chat with us, even if its just for some advice and a coffee, we would love to explore your ideas.

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