Active Era, specialists in sports and outdoor products

Service Type: Website Design & Website Development
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Platform: Wordpress & WooCommerce
Technologies Used: Javascript, PHP, HTML & CSS

As part of the One Retail Group umbrella, Active Era are specialists in the manufacturing of sports and outdoor products. The products they offer fuse design and function for both recreational and professional use. Their products which currently consist of air beds, sleeping bags and tents are fast becoming the new industry standard.

What we did

One retail group approached us with a very interesting challenge. How could we take their rapid performing UK site and take it to 5 new countries. This included cross currency processing for their website and multiple third party services such as Amazon FBA and reporting. Coupled with that, we also had to create the ability to dynamically modify site language. This included navigation, products, pages and posts.

Language management from one dashboard

Using Wordpress multisite and a collective approach on a custom written plugin with custom fields integration we developed a method to manage each individual site within our Wordpress/WooCommerce install. Each individual dashboard uses a UK, British install, however the ability to convert everything within the each site to its own language is possible, including the whole Active Era checkout.

Active Era branded people walking through a jungle style area in a stream

Speed & Performance

As you may imagine there is a lot to an e-commerce website, image assets, multiple functionality, javascript libraries not to mention the amount of queries the site has to make to the database to get specific requests for the user which occurs across 5 multisite languages. Gaining performance was a challenge, however with the help of Google Lighthouse, CDN's and the ability to analyse information we had a huge performance increase from "old site (v1)" to the new site.

An Active Era tent on a beach with dad and son in the distance about to go into the water

Automated Systems

As much as WooCommerce has its down falls like any other system, it's for sure one of the best for fast integration with third part services such as Sales Force, Amazon FBA and Stripe. We can quickly enable systems to interact according to specifications, reducing the cost of development time and in turn creating positive results and improved sales performance.

Making sales easier

By simplifying the Active Era checkout process using services such as postcode lookup API's and a third party payment gateway just like Brain Tree. We can take a customers checkout experience from 5 minutes to under 60 seconds by taking some very simple steps. It is important to never over complicate.

The Stack

As mentioned above, Active Era is built upon Wordpress and WooCommerce and utilises Wordpress's codex coding standard right out of the box. With this, StackUp Digital have developed custom templates using HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax, Javascript and MySql to create the visual and functional parts of the website.

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