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Platform: Wordpress & WooCommerce
Technologies Used:Javascript, PHP, HTML & CSS

Body Compass is a platform that helps coaches and athletes increase their profile and amplify their brand. The platform generates the exposure and income their hard work deserves via online media that is powered by the Body Compass Platform. Body Compass are also FCA approved to provide finance for online PT Courses provided which is driven by their learning portal, making all courses digital to complete in your own time

FCA Approved Finance with PayL8r

One of the most popular demands in e-commerce right now is the demand for various payment options. You will have heard of the the name Klarna as we write this in 2020 which is a fantastic solution for those making large purchases, however this was not an option for Body Compass due to all of their products being digital. To offer finance options we had to come up with another solution and that was to become FCA approved through PayL8r using their API to connect in a financing option for all customers. Not only do we offer finance but we also offer payments on all major credit cards including American Express.

Customised video hosting with Cloudflare Stream

Body Compass challenged us with the implementation of video streaming that wasn't Youtube. The player needed to have customisation and a clean interface and our provider that offered full customisation of their player was Cloudflare stream. Since we already used their CDN fir the site we decided to roll out a custom designed player with branding for Body Compass using the Cloudflare Stream API's that were made available.

A Body Compass athlete with battle ropes on a white background

Email delivery tracking

When we launched the first version of the Body Compass website we soon realised that we had some issues with mail delivery when orders were being processed. Say hello to Postmark! A lightning fast delivery service for your transactional emails to customers on time, every time. With great documentation we quickly integrated Postmark and the client can now monitor every single email sent from its website into the client inbox. The in depth reporting of Postmark is nothing short of outstanding

Body Compass sat down after completing his workout

Drag and Drop backend System

To make life super easy for the administrators of the website we developed a customised backend Wordpress system that allowed admins to drag and drop content to build up their pages. We use Wordpress's Gutenberg system to create a full customised experienced to build pages, resulting in fantastic, easy to read layout and content for all content types which include text, images, video and audio.

The Stack

A mix of PHP, HTML, Sass and Ajax makes up the whole Body Compass website build. The hosting architecture is a basic cPanel host which accommodates for a medium set of traffic that comes through the website on a daily basis. We also mixing HotJar and Google Analytics for tracking information on hows our customers use the website

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