Direct Oil

Keeping a nation warm in 5 seconds flat

Direct Oil is a specialist in heating oil with over a decade of experience providing homes across the nation giving consumers the ability to order heating oil online with express delivery. Direct Oil is a UK-based company that strives to maintain easy ordering and dependable delivery.

Cutting Edge eCommerce with Headless Architecture

Due to previous website development and data models this project needed to remain on the Wordpress and WooCommerce platform, however clearly needed stability and performance enhancements. We designed and built the new Direct Oil Website using a headless architecture that had mind blow speeds and results.

A photo showing a girl, sat on a window sill drinking a warm cup of coco A photo showing the Direct Oil trucks out doing their deliveries in the countryside

Technology Used

A photo showing two Watson Fuel trucks in the Yard
A smiling family out in the snow at Winter


  • Development
  • Design & UX
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Ongoing Success
  • Custom Built Upsells
  • Custom Warehouse Integration

Post launch Direct Oil saw a huge uplift in website uptime, performance and conversion. Turning to a headless architecture meant that the checkout journey was down several minutes to just 90 seconds from getting a quote, to checking out and paying for the order.

A wintery village with a bridge in the middle with snow and ice on it

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