Emma J Shipley

Service Type: Website Design & Website Development
Website Address: www.emmajshipley.com
Platform: Shopify
Technologies Used: Tailwind, Liquid, AJAX & Javascript

Emma J Shipley is a British graphic designer who creates homeware and accessories for nature enthusiasts, dreamers, and maximalists. Emma has always been fascinated by nature and animals, particularly those from the world's most remote and wild locations, such as South America's rainforests and Africa's savannah's. Emma creates a distinct and imaginative world of design by combining inspiration from her own trips with a vivid imagination and fictitious elements such as myths, stories, and fairytales. All of the drawings are hand-drawn in pencil before being digitally coloured, giving them a unique aesthetic that combines traditional and cutting-edge techniques.

The Brief

Emma and her team had previously been working with a website that was already built on Shopify, however, it lacked the personality and modern day functionality that their customers needed to find the products they wanted to view, size up and purchase. Working closely with Emma's design team, we carried out design and functionality sprints over several Zoom calls which allowed us to define a set of visual and functional requirements.

Emma J Shipley drawing her next inspiration collection. Emma sat  at her desk drawing with pencis in the foreground.

The Challenges

Emma J Shipley was certainly one of the most advanced, none Shopify Plus store we had worked on and built. Features such as Image Galleries across variants and lightboxes, Variant Product Management, Swatches, Wallpaper Calculators and Blind Sizing Submission forms were all part of the brief. Along with this were the performance considerations, navigational structures and the overall UX performance.

A beautiful collection of Emma J Shipley Products. Cushions, Pillows, Tableware, Diffusers etc..

The Solution

As always, early discussion in any project surrounding the functional specification is critical. We brought together all stake holders as well as the design and development team to open discussions on our approach to every single bit of functionality. Key decisions were made and we had an action plan to move forward with.

Of course, throughout any project timeline there are always bumps and challenges in the road. What might have been set out as an approach from the beginning often has to change when you uncover potential risks and future problems. Communication is always key and being available to discuss the challneges with everyone involved, even when we're in different countries or at oppisite ends of the country was key. Emma, her team and StackUp Digital did this very well and for us this was the key part to the puzzle. Discussing scenarios and coming up with solutions together as a team helped progress this project smoothly from start to finish.

We would like to give a huge thanks to the EJS team and their contributions to the project. We're so happy we can work with such a team and we look forward to delivering more features for this website.

Two chairs in a corner wrapped in a Zebra theme Emma J Shipley Print.

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