Revolutionising the purchasing process

Paid is here to revolutionise the payment process, making it easier, faster and more efficient to collect payments. Paid are experts in innovation using the latest technologies to work collaboratively.

A Jamstack approach to a super modern, innovative business

We took a static approach to build the Paid website which was beautifully designed by their in-house team. Paid requested a super-fast site that allowed for simple content management. With this in mind, we introduced 11ty, a simple static site generator that allows the team admins to update content on their website.

A photo screenshot of the landing page. A photo showing different process shots from the paid application

Technology Used

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Stackup Digital was chosen by Paid to be a trusted partner to build our website. Talking with Jamie and the team we knew they had very good technical capability and would work well with our marketing team. Paid has the internal capability to build websites but we wanted to work with a partner who could move fast and produce work which we would be proud of. Stackup delivered all of our requirements and did so in a really friendly way, making them a pleasure to work with.,
Founder, Tom Howsam
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  • Development
  • Design & UX
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Custom Built Upsells

Whenever there is an opportunity to form business relationships with local businesses, StackUp Digital will always jump at the chance. Working with those such as Paid who look to innovate and create new solutions to complex challenges really excites us. We learn so much in the technical and creative process when we work as a team and so it makes it so much easier when we approach similar future challenges. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Paid who helped bring this project together!

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