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Plussed+, based in New York City, believe that learning allows everyone to grow, have purpose and to create meaning. Seeds of their work were planted decades ago where they began as a hub to challenging the status quo within K-12 education. The goal of Plussed+ is to support teaching and learning for everyone in any context.

A fast, slick creative UI and UX that is clear and concise

Plussed+ came to us after a recommendation from another local agency here in the UK. The brief was simple. "We would love a light weight website that is fast, slick with a creative UI and UX that is clear and concise" that is exactly what we delivered. The website is built on top of a customised Wordpress CMS that have some really nice bells and whistles to build up content anchors within the body of the pages.

A group of students taking part in a workshop. A student studying by a river.

Technology Used

A photo showing a group of college students together
A group of students working on laptops in a canteen.


  • Development
  • Design & UX
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Ongoing Success

StackUp Digital was founded and formed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We planned and pivoted to initially working fully remote which really helped in the process of communicating and creating with the Plussed+ team based in New York. Introducing collaborative working tools such as Figma, Miro and Notion really helped our working relationship and still does to this day.

A group of students taking part in an outdoor exhibition.

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