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Service Type: Website Design & Website Development
Website Address:
Platform: Wordpress & WooCommerce
Technologies Used: Javascript, PHP, HTML & CSS

Pro Breeze is a renowned maker of air treatment products with a well-known brand name. For home and workplace use, they provide dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heaters, fans, and air purifiers.

Pro Breeze are known across the world for creating high-quality, market-leading products at a great price. They take pleasure in using only the highest-quality components that have been rigorously tested to meet international standards. They have sold products to over 375,000 individuals globally since their launch in 2013, and are one of Europe's fastest-growing air treatment companies.

The Brief

One Retail Group, the parent company of Pro Breeze approached us to do various overhaul tasks to the website, specifically to help conversion rate. At the time, Pro Breeze were only selling in the UK and were looking to take the website into other countries, specifically across Europe and the US. As of today, Pro Breeze now sell in 8 different countries including Canada and the US. In just a very small space of time we have also taken their sister companies Cosi Home and Active Era from the ground up into several different countries in just two years.

The Probreeze Humidifier, one of the best selling products - Product in white and purple on the kitchen side.

The Challenges

This project had two main challenges. One, building a theme that is adaptable and efficient in maintaining across multiple languages. And secondly creating an experience across mobile and desktop that will increase conversion via a full re design of product pages and the checkout experience in WooCommerce

With innovation being a huge part of Pro Breeze product development they push the boundries of technogies with their products. - A photo showing LED display on a Pro Breeze product

The Solution

Once again, the key part of this project was communication and getting off on the right foot, making sure we understand the user and their needs. Our very first session was a thought sprint surrounding the product page which developed into a rough wireframe. From there, we layered in elements, content and micro interactions into the design using Figma.

To develop the Pro Breeze theme for multi country, currency and language, we developed a Wordpress child theme system based off the UK store giving us as a development team ultimate flexibility for developing different themes and requirements for separate languages. This allows for fast, efficient development using Wordpress's native multisite feature.

Smart technology with Pro Breeze products - Proo Breeze Humidifier using smart technology and an iPhone app

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