Romilly Wilde

Service Type: Website Design & Website Development
Website Address:
Platform: Shopify
Technologies Used: Tailwind, AJAX & Javascript

Romilly Wilde is a luxury, high performance Skincare brand owned by Susie Willis, a beauty innovator with a drive to create brands that are founded on the principle of nutrition using vibrant nature-based ingredients with integrity.

The Brief

To move from a Wordpress/WooCommerce platform, and move it onto Shopify Advanced using a fresh, modern design approach whilst utilising the latest front end technologies, that will allow for on going development, flexibility and performance.

A beautiful Romilly Wilde model staring down the camera

The Challenges

Due to failures on Romilly Wilde's previous website we had to get this project online in just over 2 months from design, to integration and then live. This meant moving fast, getting the team together, drawing up a prototype and getting to work!

A woman using the Romilly Wilde products on her face

The Solution

Using an agile approach, we brought together our design and development teams to mockup and wireframe the approach to this project. We believe that each step in the website design process should go hand in hand with development to allow for and open up thoughts for better user experience and conversion.

We used a modern front end stack to build this project on budget and deadline. Using Tailwind, we could build the Romilly Wilde front end rapidly to meet the deadline briefed by the client. This project was extremely fast moving and we had to make decisions fast. We used frameworks and tools such as Tailwind to get the website converting in the space of 4 weeks from the build start date. This technology mixed with rapid HTML and Vanilla JS templating, we managed to hit phase one on deadline and on budget.

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