T H E U N S E E N Beauty

Blurring the lines between digital and physical realities

T H E U N S E E N Beauty are the epitome of being different. Founder Lauren Bowker, who describes herself as a 'materials alchemist', has worked with some of the world's biggest brands, including Swarovski, Formula 1, Selfridges and Virgin Galactic. Lauren sees the world differently and this really shines through in the products that T H E U N S E E N Beauty brings to market.

Innovation through science and creative thinking with a 'materials alchemist'

T H E U N S E E N B E A U T Y launched their first product SPECTRA back in 2021 which has been a huge success. This particular product blurs the lines of physical & digital reality which comes in the form of a cream product that applies smoothly, transforming to a bright, reflective silver under a phone camera's flash. Lauren and the team have continued to launch other products such as Colour Alchemy which StackUp Digital have helped promote through the Shopify website that has been designed and built.

A photo showing a model wearing the SPECTRA product. The product is dabbed onto the face glistening in Silver A photo showing a model wearing the Colour Alchemy Product in her hair. Vibrant streams of colours in a woman's hair.

Technology Used

A wide image of a woman stood in the dark wearing the SPECTRA product
A photo showing the Colours used in the colour Alchemy Product


  • Development
  • Design & UX
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Ongoing Success
  • Custom Built Upsells

We decided to work with T H E U N S E E N Beauty and Lauren purely due to their obsession with innovation and creative thinking, something StackUp Digital really pay attention to as a business in-house. T H E U N S E E N Beauty brand and products have been featured across big-name brands and blogs. Those that include Schwarzkopf, Vogue and ELLE. We continue to work with T H E U N S E E N Beauty to design and develop the website into something a little weird and different.

A photo showing the Colour Alchemy products with a vibrant coloured background

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