Vape Simple, the UK's biggest collection of award-winning e-liquids

Service Type: Website Design & Website Development
Website Address:
Platform: Shopify
Technologies Used: Javascript, Liquid, HTML & CSS

Vape Simple are a London,UK based company specialising in e-liquid products. Vape simple comes under the SVG Labs brand which was founded in 2014. The e-commerce store has been designed and built for vaping enthusiasts around the world and has a state-of-the-art vaping lab near London's Gatwick Airport

A menu for thousands of products

One of the main challenges of this website was to come up with a user friendly navigation menu that accommodated for a wide selection of navigation items which also included their current promotions. We designed and built an editable menu straight into Shopify's customiser where the Vape Simple team could add, edit and delete anything they liked within the mega menu.

A photo showing a man usiong a Vape Simple product. Man Vaping whilst leaning against a brick wall

Vibrance and Clean

Pre project we were given some key points as to what the website needed to look like. We found that the vaping community often purchase new e-juice based on packaging and most of the packaging comes in bright vibrant bottles. We were tasked with creating a clean, simple colourful layout where products appeared and found that in fact we didn't really need to add colour to layout, the products did the for us.

Secure, Fast, Simple with Various Payment Methods

Before the project started the folks at Vape simple wanted a secure, fast and simple website that came with all payment methods including major credit cards, debit cards as well as supporting Google Pay and Apple Pay. With this in mind we opted to go down the Shopify route as all of this is taken care of right out of the box.

A photo showing a woman in red lip stick blowing out smoking from her vaping pen

An easy to use dashboard with weekly reporting

As sales increased it was important the client could look and print accurate weekly reports, which could then be sent to their sales team for review. Shopify has an extremely easy to manage dashboard which contains a full reporting section for sales as well as analytical reports showing you information on users, social media interactions etc.

The Stack

After sitting down with the folks at Vape Simple it was obvious that Shopify was the best option for their site for the first phase. Getting a version one up and running to make serious turn over was a 3 year plan and so we decided to run with the Shopify platform with plans to be able to extend and upgrade the site, possibly on the Shopify Plus platform in the future. For this project we used Shopify's liquid templating language and built in some custom functionality using Accentuate for Shopify integrate custom fields in and around the site.

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